Joe Love Lamps

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Glass Topped Agate Table

(Added September 2004)


Take a photographic tour of Joe's wonderful creations:

 Deer Antler Lamp

 Deer Antler Chandelier

Dragonfly Coffee Table

Montana Agate Mailbox

Dragonfly Gemstone End Table

Eagle with Cabochon Base

Cabochon Wagons

Kid Rock's very own Joe Love Lamp

KID ROCK'S very own Joe Love Lamp

 Gemstone Lamp Design

3 New Lamp Designs

Cabochon Butterfly Lamp

New Lamp Design

Cabochon & Copper Leaf Lamp

Large Colorful New Design

Galleries of Fantastic NEW LAMP DESIGNS & HERE

Small Lamp with Base

Lamp Gallery One

Lamp Gallery Two

Lamp Gallery Three

Gallery Four Agate Table

Lamp Gallery Five

Lamp Gallery Six

Lamp Gallery Seven

Lamp Gallery Eight

Lamp Gallery Nine

Lamp Gallery Ten

3d Images of Joe's Lamps

Spirit Walk Gallery

New Lamp Designs

Cabochon Lamp #1

Cabochon Lamp #2

Cab Lamp Gallery #3

NEW Cabochon Lamps

New Lamp in Gallery Eleven

Cab Lamp #4


KID ROCK'S very own Joe Love Lamp

Joe Love Agate Lamp




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