Joe Love Lamps

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Comments and Reviews of Joe Love Lamps

Joseph Love is recognized as one of the finest Gemstone Lamp Artists there is.  His love for the agate was obvious in his works.  Some artists have tried to copy Joe's work, but none have come close to the quality and beauty of his lamps.  Look for Joe's signature on all of his works.

"A Gem in the Light" Local 'Rockhound' uses stained-glass techniques to make mosaic lampshades out of agateRead  Whole Article at Billings Gazette

"Each Stone can be easily valued at $35.00 or more" - Ted M.Joe Love Original Montana Agate Lamp

"I predict the value of these lamps to TRIPLE in the near future" - Ted M.

"My husband and I are very happy about the lamp purchase. We are going to put it in our cottage up north and we think it will look great!"  -  Diane D.

"The lamp arrived yesterday.  It is magnificent!!!  I put it high in my office where my kids can't get it before I get a base, but I can still look at it.  I have several stained glass type lamps, but nothing even compares to this.  Most aren't much to look at when they're not lit, but this is beautiful on its own."- Linda B.

"It really is a work of art." - Linda B.

"They are so worth the money, especially when I see what else is out there." - Linda B.

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