Joe Love Lamps

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About Joseph Love (Jan. 1928 - Oct. 2010)

I regret to announce that on the evening of Monday, Oct. 18th, Joseph (Joe) Love passed away peacefully in his home. His family was with him at the time as he slipped quietly away to be with his Lord. He passed away from the complications of a broken leg that happened in June of this year. He will be missed by his friends and family as well as many of you who knew him through emails or in association with his lamps.  - Justin Love 2010 (Joe Love's Son)

Artist Joseph Love, a former Stone Mason & Rock Hound, who created only a limited number of these lamps each year, about one lamp per week.  Joe truly loved his work and strove to Montana Agatemake each lamp unique and special in some way.  He signed his lamps with his signature etched on a piece of agate or etched on a brass plate and attached to each lamp he created.

Joseph Love assembled each lamp by hand, selecting, slicing, shaping, and polishing Montana Agates from his own private collection of Gemstones.


Joe at work designing and assembling his original gemstone lamps.

Joe at work designing and assembling his original gemstone lamps.


Thanks from the Rodeo Hall of Fame for a Lamp Joe Donated

"Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of FameThanks from the Rodeo Hall of Fame
P. 0. Box 930
Billings, Montana 59103-0930
(406) 256-6515

February 25, 2008
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we sincerely thank you for your involvement in the
Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame.
Our 3rd Annual Cowboy and Cowgirl banquet and fund raiser held January 26th was a great
success and plans are already underway for next year's event.
Your donation of a live auction item is very much appreciated. You helped our efforts to provide scholarship assistance to deserving high school rodeo competitors so they can
pursue their higher education at a college of their choice. By attending our function and
contributing your time and money helped us to achieve our goals.
Again, we thank you.

Mike Okragly, President
Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame"


Joseph Love

More details and Video of Joe Love finding Agates and going through the steps of creating beautiful works of art with Montana Agate (click here).








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