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Eight Panel Lamp


This SIGNED BY THE ARTIST highly collectable lamp is made in a similar fashion to a Tiffany Style Lamp. Is it a "one of a kind" lamp that displays the bestClick on Picture for a Larger View Click on Picture for a Larger Viewcharacteristics of Montana Agate & Jasper Semi-precious Gemstones.  The artist Joseph Love is a former Stone Mason & Rock Hound who creates only a few of these lamps each year.  These lamps are bound to become a collector's dream and their value can only increase vastly over time!

This  Lamp includes a  unique design in each 8 panels, and a unique design on the top of the Lamp Shade  (MOLDED BY THE ARTIST) that matches the lamp base.

PRICE IT - The Agate Gemstones used in this lamp are pure and Click on Picture for a Larger View untreClick on Picture for a Larger Viewated - they sell for an average of $15.00 to $60.00 for each stone, and can run as high as $200.00 each depending quality on the stone.  Just the stones alone, if purchased separately, would cost much more than the price of this majestic lamp!


  • Signed by the Artist - Joseph Love - (Signature is etched on a brass plate soldered into the lamp shade)

  • Hand Made from 100s of individually Cut and Polished Montana Agates

  • Height 27 inches

  • Width 17 1/4 inches

  • Weight approximately 15 pounds Click on Picture for a Larger View

  • 8 Unique Panels

  • Unique design on the top of the Lamp Shade that matches the base.

  • Totally Unique design (one-of-a-kind)

  • Some of the stones are incredible to view up can see picturesque scenes in the minerals

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