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Letter from the Rodeo Hall of Fame thanks Joe Love for donation.

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Hand-Made Montana Agate Gemstone Lamps

"Shades of Light - Created by God, assembled by his servant."

"A Work of Love." - Quotes from Artist Joe Love


This website maintained in memory of Joe Love

(Jan. 1928 - Oct. 2010) of Huntley, Montana


Joseph Love was recognized as a premiere Gemstone Lamp Artist.  His love for the agate was obvious in his works.  Some artists have tried to copy Joe's work, but none have come close to the quality, craftsmanship or the beauty of his lamps.  Look for Joe's signature on all of his works.

Lamp Designs from Joe Love

New Lamp Designs from Joe Love     

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Joe at work designing and assembling his original gemstone lamps.


Joe Love Dragonfly Gemstone Panel

Remarkable Dragonfly Gemstone Panel by Joe Love



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